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Electrical Insulation

Haysite offers a range of products to meet all your electrical insulation needs. Whether it is GPO -1, 2, or 3, Haysite’s Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Sheets provide our customers with options when faced with critical material requirements.

Specialty materials include:

  • Our H900 series is recognized as a top performer in the electrical industry. Haysite offers a variety of grades to meet required specifications in high temperature applications. Haysite products retain their desired electrical properties without adverse affects to product strength and stability at elevated temperatures.
  • Our HST-II is the benchmark for high temperature FRP materials. Our product offering includes materials which exhibit substantial resistance to cold flow or creep under heat and pressure.
  • Haysite has the ability to produce custom high strength sheet.
Haysite Electrical Market

Products and Processes

Laminated Sheet - General purpose electrical insulation, transformer spacers and supports
Pultruded Profiles - Transportation components, high voltage appliance insulators, bus bar supports and barriers in switchgear.
Compression Molding - Layer and core insulation for dry type transformers, motor slot wedges, washers, brush plates and terminal boards.

Material Specs & Datasheets

EHC EHC - a high strength fiberglass reinforced polyester for electrical insulation applications.

EMD EMD - a glass mat reinforced polyester sheet designed primarily as a "slot wedge" material.

ETR-FR-C ETR-FR-C - a high-performance GPO-3 electrical insulation material

ETS ETS - an IEEE Class B material with good punching characteristics.

ETS-FR-II ETS-FR-II - a GPO-2 material used in electrical insulation applications where flame retardancy is required.

H208 ASTM H208 ASTM - used in various motor, transformer, coil, and other applications requiring low hysteresis or magnetic flux losses.

H208 ISO H208 ISO - used in various motor, transformer, coil, and other applications requiring low hysteresis or magnetic flux losses.

H515 H515 - H515 exhibits excellent flexibility and retention of electrical properties at elevated temperatures.

H755 H755 - a NEMA GPO-1 material, designed for use in class "F" insulation systems.

H900 H900 - recognized throughout the world as a reliable, consistent GPO-3 material for transit flooring.

H950 H950 - meets GPO-3, is recognized by UL as a 94 V-O material, and is a good fit for transit flooring.

HST-II HST-II - UL, Inc. has granted HST-II the highest thermal recognition ever achieved by any glass polyester laminate (U.L. File No. E81893)