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Haysite Transit Products

Haysite composite products are an excellent fit for transit applications. From third rail brackets to shims and wire supports, products made with Haysite H1000 meet NYCTA stringent specifications 64 and 65 for FST and strength.

The Dura-Core 1000 is engineered for use as a sub-floor material in light transit rail car interiors, and multi-wheeled vehicle applications. The new compression molded composite panel combines high strength fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) laminate skins with lightweight balsa or thermoplastic foam core material.

The Dura-Core panel is halogen free, exhibits excellent load & impact characteristics along with very low flame, smoke, and toxicity properties (FST) that meet all typical rail transit industry specifications including European EN-45545-2 HL2. In addition, Dura-Core 1000’s composite weight is much lighter than traditional ply-metal flooring material, offering viable energy savings and cost-efficiencies.

Haysite's H900, H950 and H1000 grades are reliable, consistent GPO-3 materials, and are also very well-suited for transit applications. To determine the best material for your application, review the material specs at right. There you can find the best combination of UL ratings for flame retardancy, UV and arc protection, Military & non-toxicity specs, and more.

Haysite's Dura-Core flooring in a train.

Haysite Transit Market

Products and Processes

Pultruded Profiles Third Rail Brackets and Cover Board
Pultruded Sheet  Shims, Wire Cable Trays, Wire Supports
Laminated Sheet Flooring (Using Core Materials)
SMC and BMC Molding Wire Cable Trays

Material Specs & Datasheets

Dura-Core 1000 Dura-Core 1000 - a foam-core composite laminate uniquely engineered for use as a floor material in light transit rail car interiors.

Dura-Core 1000B (Balsa) Dura-Core 1000B (Balsa) - a balsa-core composite laminate uniquely engineered for use as a floor material in light transit rail car interiors.

H1000 H1000 - an outstanding laminate sheet that is used in applications requiring exceptional weather and corrosion resistance.

H900 H900 - recognized throughout the world as a reliable, consistent GPO-3 material for transit flooring.

H950 H950 - meets GPO-3, is recognized by UL as a 94 V-O material, and is a good fit for transit flooring.