Haysite History

Founded in 1954, Haysite is located in Erie, Pennsylvania, at the heart of the plastics and tooling belt. Pioneering advancements in formulated and processed composite materials for over 50 years, Haysite Reinforced Plastics excels at the cutting edge of the FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastics) industry.

Beginning as a producer of thermoset electrical insulation products, Haysite Corporation quickly grew to one of the industry’s broadest product lines ranging from laminated sheet, custom molded parts, pultruded shapes and molding compounds.

Haysite is located in the southern part of Erie, PA.

Today, Haysite Reinforced Plastics, LLC continues to build its reputation in fiberglass reinforced plastics by leveraging our leading-edge technology and processes.

As of July 31, 2018 Haysite is a member of the Isovolta Group.


  • 5599 New Perry Highway,
    Erie, PA 16509-3598
  • (814) 868-3691
  • (814) 864-7803
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